Do I always have to enter the full date with 4 digit year?

No - you do not have to enter the full year or prefix single digit day or month with a zero. Dates are displayed in a standard UK format i.e. dd/mm/yyyy but you can input part of a date and the system will guess any part of the date not entered based on the current month and year as you leave any date input field.

e.g. type 6 in a date input field and the system will set the date to be 6/[current month]/[current year].

Reports are not displaying. What can I do?

Because Liberty Accounts uses popup windows in the application to present reports, help and other information to the user while keeping the originating page available, you will need to ensure that Liberty Accounts is permitted to open popups by your browser and any other software that is monitoring for popups.

What keyboard shortcuts are available?

If you see a button with a letter in brackets the bracketed letter is the keyboard shortcut for the button. e.g.

Different browsers use different keys to activate keyboard shortcuts. Usually one of Alt + A, Shift + Alt + A or Cmd + A will achieve the desired results. If not search the help for your browser using key words like "keyboard shortcuts".

Do I always have to select options from a drop down with my mouse??

Dropdowns in browsers will move to the first occurrence of the letter(s) you type in a dropdown list. If you pause while typing the browser will stop searching through the list so keep typing if you want the dropdown to move to the start of a sequence of more than one letter.

Can I control what one of my staff sees?

Yes, Liberty has different access levels so, for example, if a staff member is solely responsible for the sales side then their access can be restricted accordingly. Access levels are defined when the user is initially created but can be amended through the User Access - Manage User Access menu item from the first menu.

Can I edit any transaction on Liberty?

Any transactions, up to a point where it is locked, can be edited on the system. A transaction is locked due to any of the following:

With the exception of a situation where a transaction has been included in a VAT Return it is possible to 'undo' the other options to open the transaction for editing.