Analysis Screen

The screen presents the transaction to allow the quick and easy amendment of the details of the transaction with the exception of the Amount and Date.

Simply make the changes and click SUBMIT.

the AUDIT button open the transaction audit report that provides a non-editable history of the transaction and its accounting impact. The report details which user recorded the initial transaction together with the date and time as well as the details of any subsequent amendments.

Most frequently used to modify the posting accounts, Branch/Fund allocations or Activity analysis


Highlight the Account field and either
simply start typing an account name or ledger code and the system will provide a list of potential selections; choose the required account by clicking on it.
or click the Search icon
to display a list of document-type sensitive account possibilities. Note to change to other account-type options click the small down arrow at the base of the screen

Branch or Fund

Click the drop-down box and select what is required.


Click the drop-down box and select what is required.