Balance Sheet Detail Report

The report provides a detailed balance sheet.

The level of detail can be set by the user clicking on the top left of the screen the EXPAND All/COLLAPSE All buttons or use the + or - buttons.

The amount of further detail is determined by the user by clicking Down Arrow symbol

From the screen the report may be printed as a pdf, or exported in either a .csv or .xls (Excel) format.

As At Date

You can specify an As At Date for the transaction. The date can either be entered manually or selected from the pop-up calendar by clicking the Calendar icon. The As At Date must be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY, for example, 01/01/2000.

Clicking the "Last Year End" button is a short cut for populating the AS AT Date field with last year end date.

When entering dates manually, a date guessing routine speeds up the input by taking the user input and assuming the missing month and or year based on the current date as the user leaves the field i.e.

the date today is 30th October 2009

Quick Date Selection

The Quick Date Selection drop-down allows the user to rapidly select relevant key date ranges for the report.

Click on GENERATE button to prepare the report on screen.

Report Output

The report is printed to screen and you can drill-down on individual lines to see the underlying transactions. The report can also be downloaded in PDF, XLS, or CSV format. Alternatively you may saved a copy of the report on Liberty to be viewed under menu option:

Reports - Saved Reports


Click on the account you want to view and the system will open a new window showing all the transactions that make up the total in the balance sheet for that account. By default only the transactions for the year you are reporting on will be presented but you can extend the date range by modifying the date range.

Re-assign Selected Items

Single or multiple transactions may be re-assigned to another account by selecting from the drop-down box an account to which the transactions need to be moved.

Note this is a powerful feature and must be used with care and understanding.

Select those transactions required to be moved by ticking the selection box for each. Note all items in the screen date window may be selected by ticking 'Re-assign All'

When ready, click the to move those transactions.


Click where available to modify existing transactions. In using this feature you need to think carefully about the impact of your change and whether it is acceptable based on the needs of your organisation, its accounting policies, and whether the change causes your accounts to differ from what you have already reported to statutory or tax bodies. Transactions can only be changed and saved if they are dated after the later of the last closed year end or any user configured "Transaction Lock Date" on the accounting options tab of the business profile.

Note that 'Re-assign Selected Items' function is also available from within the Analyse Screen. Please note the comments above.