Bank Deposit Batch

The Bank Deposit Batch Screen represents bank paying in-slips. It allows the user to record income items into Cash/Undeposited Receipts, batch them and create a bank transfer to the relevant bank account. The items are marked as reconciled and a batch summary is available as a report.

Using either the bank paying-in advice or any other analysis of the sources of income, record the income using the appropriate method, i.e. Donations, Receipts or Receipt against Invoices; in each case select as Cash/Undeposited Receipts as the deposit to account.

Creating the batch

Navigate to the Bank menu and from the drop-down adjacent to Cash/Undeposited Receipts select Add Bank Deposit Batch. On the screen use the tick box on the right of the screen to select those items to be included in the batch or tick the Select All box to choose everything.

Note the batch total and number of items is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

Select the appropriate Deposit To account and SUBMIT the batch. The system will post a transfer to that bank account and set each item to reconciled.

If a transfer to the bank account has already been recorded and has been included in the batch (so that the total is zero) the system will mark each item as reconciled.

The batch report is available from the Reconciliation History drop-down adjacent to Cash/Undeposited Receipts. Clicking the printer icon generates a report of the details of the particular batch.

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