Bank Import

The screen is used to launch a bank statement import process.

Upload File

Upload File requires that a previously downloaded bank statement file is available on the current machine. If a file has not been already down-loaded then quick access to the appropriate banking provider website for a download is available from the blue WEBSITE link.

Choose SELECT FILE to browse for the appropriate bank statement file and click SUBMIT. The statement is then loaded into the Statement Items screen. For more details on the Statement Items screen see below

Direct Import from the Bank

For many banking providers direct download is possible. A user will need to be present with appropriate user name, password and if required by the banking provider a pin sentry machine and/or a card. In the Bank Import screen click the 'Online Banking'

Additional fields will appear displaying To and From Dates for the statement period (these may be amended) as well as mandatory entry of relevant Username or ID, Password and Card Number with Security Code from a Pin sentry machine if required by the banking provider. Click SUBMIT to request the electronic statement download. The statement items screen will be presented with those items from the bank account within the date range.

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