Bank Statement Import

The screen is used to process imported bank statement items.

Processing an uploaded statement

Whichever import approach is taken the statement details are presented in the Statement Item list.

The statement item list consists of two columns. The left hand column displays all the items that are on the bank statement. The right hand column shows possible matches that the system has found and offers a description of what that may mean. Where nothing is shown on the right hand column adjacent to an item, the system has no suggestions.

Match Window(days)

Initially when a statement is imported the system uses the default window of 30 days from the date associated with the imported transaction (the date given by the bank) to look for a match. In most cases this window will be sufficient and is the most efficient in processing terms.

However there may well be transactions (often cheques)that are presented to the bank outside of this 30 day window in which case the system will not present a match. A user can therefore chose to extend globally the match window by either :-

Where an organisation has a significant number of transactions extending the global window can potentially extend processing time.

Note where more than one matching transaction may exist click on the blue … symbol to pick from a list and if required extend the match window days to suit for this transaction.

Processing statement items

When an item has been processed it disappears from the screen. Note to show all items that have been dealt with click the SHOW ALL button at the base of the page.

For those items where there is nothing in the right hand column the user will create the transaction (as the system does not already have it). The process of creating the transaction will also reconcile the item. Click the green + symbol and the Add Transaction screen is presented, see Add Transaction - from Bank Import Item Processing for more information.

Where an item is matched to a transaction that has been already posted and reconciled, the right hand column displays the shield and tick icon for reconciled. Click the green OK button to confirm.

Where an item is matched to a transaction that has already been posted but not yet reconciled, the right hand column displays the green OK button. Click it to reconcile and confirm.

Where a processing rule exists the right hand column identifies the rule and describes the impact. To accept the processing of the rule click the green OK button. Where more than one matching transaction may exist click on the blue … symbol to pick from a list, if none apply then green OK button.

Note where the imported value could be allocated to outstanding documents such as invoices or bills. a list of documents is presented when the green OK button is clicked. If the user would prefer to not allocated to documents then click ADD, in the left hand column to enter a specific transaction.

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