Batch Donation Input

This screen is used for batch input of donations.

Batch input is designed for those who need to rapidly input significant volumes of donations. The Information needed is the same as that for the single donation, and as such, in order for the process to be as easy and simple as possible a few minutes spent setting up donor details in advance is well spent.

Screen Navigation

As well as using the mouse you can navigate around the batch screen using key strokes. The only exception is the SUBMIT button. Press the access Key (ALT asterixor CTRL) at the same time as the bracketed letter on the button.

Navigation Key Strokes
Keystroke Action
ALT+A add a new transaction
ALT+C copy the previous line item
ALT+U undo the current line item
ALT+S save the current line item entry in the browser
ALT+R reset the screen and remove all existing entries
ALT+Up or Down Arrow open a dropdown box, the arrow keys can then be used make the selection
TAB Key move to the next field
SHIFT + TAB Key move back to the previous field

asterix In the Windows environment use the ALT key, for Apple Mac use CTRL+ALT or CTRL depending upon the browser.


The date of the transaction. Dates can either be entered manually or selected from the pop-up calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon. Dates must be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY, for example, 21/1/2000.

When entering dates manually, a date guessing routine speeds up the input by taking the user input and assuming the missing month and or year based on the current date as the user leaves the field i.e. the date today is 30th October 2016


Select the donor making the donation.

Deposit To

Select an account to receive the cash.


Enter the amount of the donation.

Income Account

Select an income account for the donation.


Enter the amount charged for any donation collection fees.

Fee Account

Select the Expense Account to be charged for any donation collection fees.


The Fund benefiting from the donation is required. Note if a default Fund has been set that Fund is presented, it may be amended.


The donation may be analysed to an activity if activities are being used. Note if a default Activity has been set that Activity is presented, it may be amended.

Sponsored Event

If the donation is as a result of a sponsored event, select from the drop-down. The event information is used for gift-aid claim purposes.


A free form reference field.


A free form memo field.

Donation Benefit Value

The value of any benefit the donor has received as a result of the donation. The value is used for gift-aid claim purposes.

Donation Upload

As an alternative to the batch input screen the user can use a file upload process to enter multiple donations.