Supplier Bill/Credit Note List

This screen provides a list of any supplier bills and credit notes that you have received between the given dates. The list can also be filtered by supplier or payment status.

The EDIT button will allow you to view/modify a bill or credit note. The VIEW button may be displayed in place of the EDIT button where an entry in the list can not be updated. The DELETE button will allow you to delete a bill or credit note.

Hovering over each transaction displays more information about it.

Action Box

A number of actions can be selected from the box. Those actions available will depend on the status of the transaction.

Opens the transaction for editing or viewing depending on its status.
If the transaction is not closed or reconciled then it may be deleted.

Where a transaction has been allocated to another transaction, such as a bill payment allocated to a bill, the details can be displayed by clicking network symbol. The allocations may be edited or de-allocated.

Transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return are displayed with a crown symbol. You are not able to update transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return.

Clicking the red + symbol opens a list of short cuts to adding a new transaction.

Opens a new bank payment transaction
Opens a Bill transaction

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