Chart of Accounts

This screen provides a list of the accounts set up for the Organisation. The Accounts menu provides views of the chart of accounts filtered by account type.

For each account in the list the current balance is displayed. In the case of income and expenditure accounts the balance is for the current accounting period.

Switch to

The screen usually presents a list of accounts for the selected account type, to move quickly to a different account type select a new account type list by using the drop-down.

Edit Codes Button

Where the use of ledger codes in data input has been selected on the Organisation Profile then each account name is displayed with a ledger code. If a code is missing or the user wishes to make changes then click the button.

Each account in the listing window is shown with an editable code box. Amend or add as necessary and click to complete.

Note to allow for maximum flexibility the user can customise codes and have duplicates if required.

Action Box

A number of actions can be selected from the box. Those actions available will depend on the account type so not all will be visible.

View Ledger
Opens the transaction register for the account and allows for editing or viewing transactions
Configure Account
Opens the account set-up and configuration options. See Account Details Maintenance
If no transactions have been posted to the account then it may be deleted
Statement Import (Bank/Credit Card Accounts only)
Moves directly to the bank statement import process and screens for the account
Import Rules(Bank/Credit Card Accounts only)
Bank statement import rules for this account can be created and maintained
Reconcile (Bank/Credit Card Accounts only)
Open the manual bank reconciliation screen

Key Account Monitor button

Click on the target symbol (so the centre is solid) to display the account summary on the organisation home page. Click so that the centre is open to remove the account from the home page.

Add a Custom Account

Click the red + symbol to open the Add Account screen. See Add Account

Account Hierarchies and Indenting

Liberty accounts allows you to create hierarchies of accounts. When viewing your chart of accounts the hierarchy is displayed using "...." to indicate that an account has a prior parent account.

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