Customer List

This screen is used to display a list of customers and their current balance. Ship-to address may be added. The addresses may subsequently be selected when processing a sales order. The invoice address however will remain the one shown in the Customer Details Tab.

The vertical-nav-24-compact-grey action box symbol gives access to the following actions.

to view/modify details relating to the customer.
View Ledger

to open the transaction register for the customer showing all the items that have been posted to the customer ledger.

Ship To Locations
to view/modify details relating to Ship-to addresses
Learned Accounts

to view/modify details relating to learned accounts. You may change the default and add or delete accounts that may have been learned by the system as transactions have been entered.

to remove the Customer, only possible if there are no associated transactions.


Internal system notes can be added, read and deleted. All users to the organisation with the appropriate role can view, add notes and delete.

Where there are currently no notes a edit-16-grey symbol is displayed. If one or more notes are currently stored a edit-with-text-16-grey symbol is shown.

Click either to add or view existing notes.

A new note is free format with up to 1000 characters. Click SUBMIT to store. The note will be visible together with the user name of the creator and the date and time entered.

Click on the adjacent delete-16-grey symbol to permanently delete a note.

Key Account Monitor

For any account in the chart of accounts the balance can be displayed on the home page and drilled-down from there.

If the account is currently not shown in the key account monitor section of the home page a led-off-16-grey symbol is displayed. To activate the display simply click the symbol.

The symbol changes to led-on-16-grey and a confirmation message is briefly shown. Click the symbol again to remove the account from the home page display.

Click on the red + symbol to enter a new: -

See Customer Details for more information on customer details.