Demand Planning Report

This report is used for detailed planning work and supports the more summarised reports of SO shipment planning and WO planning that provide a tactical view.

The report displays, by date, over the plan horizon the details of outstanding sales orders and where appropriate planned purchase order and/or planned works order receipts.

The situation for each stock item is shown as opening and closing stock quantities for each date association.

This reports assists in the planning process by showing a user the impact of adjusting purchase or works orders quantities and/or timing.

Report Mode - Shipment Planning or WO/PO Planning

Select between either shipment planning or WO/PO planning mode by clicking the appropriate button

The shipment planning mode displays all outstanding sales orders by date, showing progressively over the plan horizon the closing stock status for each stock item. Planned purchase orders and works orders are also displayed and will impact the stock unless excluded. This allows the user to understand, in detail, the capacity to fulfil planned sales orders (demand) against current stock levels and planned receipts.

The WO/PO Planning mode provides a similar display to the shipment planning mode, except that for any date the display groups by stock item. This allows the user to understand the potential shortfalls in planned receipts of a particular stock item against the sales order profile.

Order Horizon (Days)

Set the plan horizon in days. The number of days are counted from today.

The default is set to 30, but can be amended by the user.

Exclude WO Impact

The report is usually presented with the impact of planned Purchase Order receipts or planned Works Order manufacturing included in the closing stock figures.

Ticking the box allows for the report to be produced with the impact NOT included in the closing stock figures. The planned PO's and/or WO's are still shown on the report but quantities do not update the closing stock.

The difference between the two report forms for any stock item would be the planned quantities from purchase orders and works orders.

Suppress Decimals

A user can suppress decimals being displayed in the report by ticking the box