Add Transaction - from Bank Import Item Processing

The screen is used to add a transaction to the system from an imported bank statement item.

Select the Document Type if one is not being displayed. Many import file formats will contain the document type.

Select a 3rd Party from the drop-down lists If necessary a new customer or supplier can be created at this point. Simply click ADD and complete the dialogue making sure you correctly create a customer or supplier as needed.

For a purchase (payment) transaction a Reverse Charge VAT tick the box will be visible. Tick this if the transaction is subject to reverse charge. See the VAT user guides and consult with your professional advisor is you are unsure as the meaning.

Select an Account; if learned account codes are associated with the 3rd Party then the Accounts box will be pre-populated with the default. The user can amend the selection. A user can also create a new account by clicking Create Account.

If additional Line items are required to analyse the statement item over a number of accounts click the green + symbol to open up a new line. The total of the item amount may be allocated as absolute amounts or as a percentage by toggling the £|% symbols.

If appropriate the VAT Rate displays the default rate associated with the account. The user may amend as required; and the finally displayed rate will be used in any necessary computations.

Enter any analysis is needed, Branches or Employee for P11D Purposes in the fields shown.

To complete the processing of the item click SUBMIT. The details of the transaction will be posted and when all items in statement batch have been processed and the Finalise Import button clicked the item will be marked as reconciled.

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