Branch Maintenance

This screen is used to create and edit branches

The system features an analysis of income and expense transactions to a Branch. The notion of a branch can refer to either geographically different elements of a business such as outlets in a number of towns; or alternatively parts of the business on the same site; a Hotel and Pub business may have branches such as, Accommodation, Restaurant and Pub. Branch specific details may be used on sales invoices. A profit and loss report can be prepared for each of the branches as well as the total business. Branches do not appear in the chart of accounts; the system just remembers to which branch a particular transaction has been analysed.

Income and expense transactions are analysed to a branch at the point of input. The user,however, is not obliged to use the analysis. Note that if the Prompt for Analysis on Transactiuon input box (set in Profile) is ticked then when transactions are entered which require analysis to branches the analysis tab is presented first by default so that the required analysis is not forgotten

The Branches dropdown in any screen will initially display 'Not Applicable'. Leaving this will mean that the particular transaction will not be analysed to any branch. It will be still recorded in the normal way and will appear in the full business reports. It will not appear in any branch report. Select the relevant branch to which the transaction is to be analysed.


If this trickbox is un-ticked a branch will be considered inactive. Deactivate a branch if you do not want them to appear in branch drop-down lists.

Branch code

A branch code may be set up for use when using data import facilities such as Invoice or Bill uploads.

Use Branch Name as Business Name on Sales Docs

Tick Use Branch Name as Business Name on Sales Docs. box to allow this branch name to be used on sales invoices that are analysed to this branch.

Use Branch Contact Details on Sales Docs

Tick Use Branch Contact Details on Sales Docs. box to allow this branches address and contact details to be used on sales invoices that are analysed to this branch.

If these options are required for all branches the boxes will need to ticked individually in all branches. If these boxes are left blank then the business trading name and address is used.

Branch Name

Enter the branch name as you would like it to appear in drop-down lists.


Select the country of the branch. It is particularly important, if your entity is VAT registered, that this field is completed correctly for E.U. branches before you start raising invoices. Incorrect completion of this field has an impact on VAT reporting.

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