Bulk Tax Code Update

This screen enables the update of tax codes and week1 month1 indicators on multiple employee records. It is most useful at PAYE year end for changing codes based on general instructions provided by HMRC.

Updates are only applied to employees with payroll status of Active or Hold.

You are advised to take great care when using this screen.


Find & Replace mode will change all codes that match exactly the code entered by the user to the new code.

L Suffix Uplift mode will change the numeric part of any codes with an L suffix.


The tax code which will be updated if found. N.B. This is case sensitive and only applies to Find & Replace mode


The tax code which will be applied to any employees with a tax code matching that in the Find field. N.B. Lower case letters will automatically be applied as uppercase. This field only applies to Find & Replace mode

Uplift Amount

This must be an whole number and is used to modify the numeric portion of any existing L suffix tax codes.

Normally tax code changes will be increases, but a negative change can be applied if required by entering a negative amount i.e. -64.

This field only applies to L Suffix Uplift mode.

Clear All Week1 Month1 Indicators

If this option is checked **ALL** employees with the Week1 Month1 Indicator set will have the indicator unset, otherwise the indicators are left unchanged.