Business Document Settings

Use this screen to manage settings for customer and employee facing documents for this business.

The System provides features to allow an organisation to customise the inclusion and placement of business name and address details on sales Invoices, statements, quotes, and payslips. It is also possible to up load a business logo to be printed out on each in the absence of pre-printed stationery.

Where documents are emailed to recipients from within the system social media links may be added to the email link

Control -Document Settings

A multi-tabbed screen is presented.

Default Customer Receipts Account

Select a default bank account into which customer receipts are recorded. When a received payment is processed this account is selected by default. It can be overwritten as necessary.

Additionally where a remittance advice is to be shown on a sales invoice it is this account details that are displayed. These too can overwritten on a customer by customer basis by editing the customer record.

Accounts - Customers - Click Open in the Action Menu - Commercial Details Tab - Amend the Request Remittance To field

General Settings - Display Logo

To display an uploaded logo on printed Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements etc, click the ADD LOGO box, the Logo maintenance screen is presented and is used to view, upload or delete a logo image.

General Settings - Logo Maintenance

Upload either a GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) image file that is up to 50k in size.

In order to maintain the print quality of the image, we recommend that you upload an image that is approximately 3 times the dimensions you would like printed on the documents. For example, if your printed logo is normally 150 x 80 pixels, the optimal dimensions of the image to upload would be 450 x 240 pixels.

General Settings - Display Bank Details

To display bank details on the remittance section of the sales invoice and on statements, select a Bank Account from the drop down list and tick the Display Bank Details box. Note that if a new account needs to be added, do this via the Accounts menu.

General Settings - Print Invoice Remittance Slip

By default a remittance slip is printed on the bottom of all sales invoices. If it is preferred that no remittance slip is printed untick the box.

General Settings - Display Registered Office

You can specify if the registered office of your business is to be printed on Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements.

General Settings - Display Business Name

You can specify if the name of your business is to be printed on Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements.

General Settings - Display Trading Address

You can specify if the trading address of your business is to be printed on Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements.

General Settings - Address Position

You can specify the print position, left or right, for the trading address for Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements.

Sales Quote Settings

Use this screen to set parameters for managing sales quotes.

The user may choose a Quote, Estimate or Pro-forma invoice label on the documents my ticking the appropriate box.

If by default VAT is to be shown on quotes ensure the box is ticked; if the default is no VAT to be shown untick the box. Note this only applies to VAT enabled entities and may be overridden at the level of individual quotes.

By ticking the Use Quote Number as Invoice Number a user ensures that the ultimate sales invoice has the same reference number as that used on the quote, see immediately below.

The next quote number in the sequence is set together with any formatting required.

The quote policy period in days is used to determine a valid-to date on the quote.

Any required quote policy text may be added in the box. Note this text will appear on all quotes.

Invoice/Credit Note Settings - Default Sales Document Style

This is a required field. Select a default document style to be used for invoices and credit notes. You may select an alternative to the default style when you create an invoice or a credit note .

The following styles are currently available:-

PDF View sample standard invoice
PDF View sample service invoice
PDF View sample professional invoice
PDF View sample goods invoice
PDF View sample retail sales receipt with line item VAT
PDF View sample retail sales receipt with VAT total only

PDF View sample standard credit note
PDF View sample service credit note
PDF View sample professional credit note
PDF View sample goods credit note
PDF View sample retail sales credit note with line item VAT
PDF View sample retail sales credit note with VAT total only

The goods invoice and credit note style are used when a product code as well as descriptions are being shown on the document. The displayed product code is set in the sales item maintenance screen

Invoice/Credit Note Settings - Invoice /Credit Note Sequence

The next invoice number and credit note number in the sequence are set with any formatting required. When creating an invoice the invoice number is obtained from the value in this field incremented by one. Please note that there may be gaps in the invoice number if an invoice creation is cancelled once started. However, the user will be able to override the provided number, and update the next number if required.

Invoice/Credit Note Settings - Invoice Global Text

Up to 500 characters (including spaces) of normal text may be entered to appear on the bottom of the invoice remittance slip for every invoice.

Invoice Factoring - Use Factor Details?

If sales invoices are being processed by an Invoice Factor, it is usual for customer remittances to be paid direct to the Invoice Factor.

To include the Invoice Factor address and bank details on the remittance slip rather then the business information, tick the box.

Note as it usual that Invoice Factoring will apply to all sales invoices this option is set at the business level and cannot be amended for individual sales invoices.

Specify the name of the Invoice Factor that will appear on the remittance slip, as well as the address.

The bank sort code of the and bank account number of the Invoice Factor to appear on the remittance slip is entered.

Social Media

On the Social Media tab enter any Strapline Text. This will display adjacent to the business name and any social media icon links on the email where a document is emailed from within the system. Enter the Social Media Links as desired and click to check the results. Please contact us for possible inclusion of new social media icons if required.