Customer Opening Balance

This screen is used to record outstanding invoices and credit notes for a customer as opening balances.

Documents entered will be available to subsequently receive cash against.

Document Type

Select invoice or credit note.

Branch or Fund

If Branches have been activated, a Branch dropdown displays allowing the User to select a Branch to which the transaction is to be allocated.

Fund will only display for a Not-for-Profit entity. Select the Fund to which the transaction is to be allocated.


Enter unique invoice or credit note reference


Enter the date of the invoice or credit note. This can be done manually (e.g 19/12/2017) or click on calendar icon to select date from the calendar.

Tax Point

Enter the tax point date for this invoice or credit note if different from the document date. If you do not enter a date the document date will be used when you submit your changes. This is required.

Due Date

Enter the date that this invoice or credit note is due. This is required.

Gross Amount

Enter the gross amount of this invoice or credit note.