Add Donation

This screen is used to create and edit donation details.

Mandatory data fields are highlighted in red.

The SUBMIT button stores the information once it has been entered.

Note returning to a donation that has been created and stored a MEMORISE button is available to set up a memorised transaction for regular donations.


Enter a reference to link the line items of the donation


Enter the date of the donation. This date will be used in any relevant gift aid claim.

The default format for the date is: dd/mm/yyyy


Select the donor making this donation

Auto-complete field names

Rather than a drop-down to select from a list, simply start typing and the system will identify any occurrences of the combination of characters entered and you select from that shorter list. As an example, type 'able' and the system will offer:

Able Contractors

Capable Cleaning

Reasonable Roofers


Adding new donor

If the combination of characters you enter does not provide any results, press tab and the system will know you need to add the donor and ask you to confirm the details. At this point add address, email contact etc if required.

In order to ensure that GASDS (Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme) donations are included in any GASDS claim a special system Donor is used. Allocate any small cash donations that are to be included to the donor .GASDS

When the .GASDS donor is selected clicking the GASDS (green button) offers a screen in which a cash analysis supporting the claim may be entered. Using this is not mandatory from a system perspective, but it may be useful for keeping a complete record for GASDS purposes. This is a users decision.

Benefit Value to Donor

Where a donation attracts a benefit to the donor there may be implications on the gift aid that may be claimed. Enter the value of any benefits the donation attracts and this will be tested by the system against the gift-aid benefit rules when the donation is included in a claim. Please consult with a professional advisor for more information.

Deposit To

Select the account to which the receipt is to be recorded.

Adding the line item details of the Donation

The line items that make up the donation value now need to be added.

ADD ITEM button accesses the line item input.

SAVE ITEM button saves that line item in the screen. Clicking ADD ITEM button on each occasion allows user to enter further line items. UNDO ITEM cancels the current line item data.

Income/Fee Account

Select an appropriate account to record the donation or a fee account if fees are being charged


This is the amount of the donation or fee. Note the donation should be entered as the gross value and the fee entered as a negative value


Select the fund associated with this donation.


If relevant select an activity associated with this donation.

Analysis Tab

Gift Aid Claimed Externally

Tick this item if Gift Aid is claimed externally for this donation. This will ensure the donation is not included in Gift Aid claims generated in Liberty Accounts but will count the donation when calculating GASDS claim allowable. This item is only available for donors specified as Gift Aid donors.

Gift Aid Not Claimable

Where a donor who is normally a Gift Aid donor makes a donation but informs you that their tax/income situation in the current tax year is such that it would not be lawful to claim Gift Aid, this option can be checked. This option can be used when the situation is temporary to avoid the need to manage their taxpayer status date, or change them to a non-gift aid donor type. This item is only available for donors specified as Gift Aid donors.

GASDS Eligible Cash Donation

Cash and contactless donations from non-taxpayers can be treated under the GASDS scheme if this option is checked. This item is only available for for donations recorded to donors specified as non-Gift Aid donors. You are responsible for ensuring that the donation is eligible under current HMRC Gift Aid rules.

Sponsored Event

If the donation is as a result of a sponsored event, select the event.

This will be used in any gift-aid claim