Email Template Custom Text

For each outbound document type a standard email template is used to send documents from Liberty Accounts to third parties. It will include all required information and document links according to user configuration choices made within Liberty.

The function allows you to add your own standard text to the emails of the various documents you issue through Liberty Accounts.

This screen provides a mechanism to manage custom text to insert into the standard outbound emails with the text being placed at the end of the email content, and just before the name of the sender. The different email templates offered will depend on your organisational use of Liberty Accounts e.g. if you are NOT using payroll then you won't see options for payslip or P60 but they are available for selection if you are.

Your text will appear in the email as shown below:

Dear [first name]

Your [document name] is available online at:

[A link or reference to an attached document will appear here depending on selected delivery mechanism]

**Your custom email text will appear here**



Customised text should be in simple HTML and a basic understanding of HTML is helpful.

From the Email Template dropdown select the template you want to modify. If you want to apply the same text to all then select 'Apply to All' from the dropdown. If you use 'Apply to All' to set up a standard text you can then modify any exceptions as required.

Click SUBMIT to save your changes for each template you select.

Only the following HTML elements are supported:

If any other HTML elements are identified in the text it will not be saved.