Gift Aid Claim

This multi-tabbed screen is used to build a Gift Aid claim and display information associated with the claim.

For All Unclaimed Donations From

Claims are prepared within tax years. Select the relevant tax period for the claim.

Claimed to Date

Specify any date within the tax year as the claim 'to' date e.g. month end or quarter end All eligible donations dated up to and including the date will be included in the claim. The default date is the current date.

Prior GA Claimed in tax year and Prior GASDS Claimed in tax year

These boxes will only display on the very first Gift Aid claim prepared on the system; they will not display subsequently.

Where a claim is being made including Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) donations, tests are performed by the system to ensure that any GASDS is within the allowed thresholds.

To complete these test accurately the system will need to know the amounts of any Gift Aid and GASDS claims already successfully made within the tax year that are not already recorded on the system.

Gift Aid and GASDS Adjustments to prior claims

Enter any adjustment amounts to prior claims that need to be reflected in this claim. Note that the adjustment amount is the amount of tax (not the value of donations).

Briefly explain those adjustments in the text box, no more than 350 characters. When the claim is submitted to HMRC, this information is included.

Click SUBMIT to proceed with the claim. The screen redraws and displays an additional tab, the claim summary.

Claim Summary

This tab displays the claim financial summary, including (if relevant) how the GASDS thresholds are applied.

Connected Charities Tab

The value of small donations in any tax year is capped at the lower of £8,000 (£5,000 up to 5th April 2016) or 10 times the value of donations on which Gift Aid has been successfully claimed in the tax year.

If two or more charities are connected the £8,000 figure is divided by the number of connected charities. This tab displays the details of any connected charities as set up on Donor and Gift Aid configuration. When the claim is submitted to HMRC, this information is included.

Please seek advice from a professional advisor for the rules on what constitutes a connected charity.

User Feedback

The User Feedback tab provides status, progress and message information from the HMRC gateway.

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