Employee Rollback

This screen allows the payroll for the Set employee to be rolled back to a particular pay date. All the employee payroll data is reset to as it stood at the rollback date. This can only be done in the open current PAYE year. Once the PAYE year is closed no roll back is allowed.

Note that if a cheque payment for net pay was made this is NOT reversed in the bank account, and will have to be deleted as a separate activity by viewing the relevant bank account and deleting the cheque payment transaction.

Rollback Date

Enter the date of the last pay run to which the employee data needs to be re-set. The date needs to be in the current PAYE year.

For example, if the history of payroll runs for a particular employee were:

  1. Run 1 30/04/2018
  2. Run 2 31/05/2018
  3. Run 3 30/06/2018

Then if the rollback is dated 29/06/2018, then data is reset as if only runs 1 and 2 have been completed. If the rollback was set to 30/05/2018, then data is reset as if only run 1 is complete.

See Payroll - Employee Rollback for more detailed guide to the topic.