Funds list

This screen lists existing Funds. New Funds may be added.

As at

The As At date defaults to today's date, this can be amended as required.

If reporting Receipts and Payments SoFA (Set on the Accounting Options Tab of the Organisation Profile) the top line shows the opening and closing positions of Cash at Bank and in Hand with the receipts and payments. These figures should equate to the SoFA figures for the same dates.

The vertical-nav-24-compact-grey action box symbol gives access to the following actions.

to view/modify details relating to the Fund.
to remove the Fund, only possible if there are no associated transactions.

Click on the red + symbol to add a new Fund.

The columns display any relevant figures associated with the fund.

Brought Forward

The figures from the last day of the previous Financial Period or opening balances if this is the first period on the system.

Control - Opening Balances - I & E Fund Balances


The value of any recorded transfers between funds

Income or Expenses

Movements, will be the sum of all transactions dated from the start of the accounting period to today that have been analysed to the fund.


The current running balance of transactions allocated to the Fund; the sum of the above three items.