Gift Aid Claims

This screen lists gift aid claims and their status within the selected date window.

Note a gift aid claim must be submitted by an Authorised Official. So the user making a claim via the system must be an authorised official. Form CHV1 from HMRC allows for details of officials to be updated if necessary. Follow this link to the HMRC site Form CHV1

A new gift aid claim is launched by clicking the red + symbol

Any claim as yet not submitted may be cancelled by clicking DELETE from the Action Menu

A Gift Aid claim multi-tabbed screen is presented and is used to build a Gift Aid claim and display information associated with the claim.

Claims are prepared within tax years. Select the relevant period for the claim from the 'For All Unclaimed Donations From' drop-down.

Prior GA claimed in tax year and Prior GASDS claimed in tax year boxes will only be available on the very first Gift Aid claim prepared on the system; they will not display subsequently.

Where a claim is being made including Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) donations, tests are performed by the system to ensure that any GASDS is within the allowed thresholds.

To complete these test accurately the system will need to know the amounts of any Gift Aid received and GASDS received and claimed already that are not recorded on the system.

Finally enter any adjustment amounts to prior claims that need to be reflected in this claim. Note that the adjustment amount is the amount of tax (not the value of donations).

Briefly explain those adjustments in the text box, no more than 350 characters. When the claim is submitted to HMRC, this information is included.

Click the SUBMIT button to prepare the claim.

The claim financial summary, including (if relevant) how the GASDS thresholds are applied is displayed.

To continue with completing the claim click SUBMIT again.

The list of claims screen is re-drawn and the particular claim is displayed with a status of Pending

For those reporting under Income & Expenditure (Accrual) basis the system creates a journal for the likely amount of the gift aid to be received analysed over the relevant funds. The posting is as follows:-

The accrual journal(s) raised can be view from the action menu to the left of the Gift Aid Claim or by viewing from 'Control - Journals' or 'Accounts - Find Transaction'. If the user deletes an accrual journal from the system then the action menu for the Gift Aid Claim will not have the option to view the associated journal (as it has been deleted).

Gift Aid Claim report

With each claim listed you have a printer icon to generate the Gift Aid Claim report for that claim.The report details, by donor, the total donations for that donor that are eligible and have been claimed and also the donations, by donor, that have been considered and are not eligible. At the bottom of the report you have the calculation summary and the breakdown of donations by fund showing how the receipt should be split when received from HMRC (see further down).

Submitting a claim to HMRC

To start the online filing process, SEND button. A warning dialogue setting out the users responsibilities with respect to the claim is displayed. The user will need to read and dismiss the message. The summary screen updates with the status.

Polling takes place each hour and the status will show 'Queued' until polling is attempted. Until polling has started the submission may be recalled by clicking the RECALL button.

Click the VIEW to track messages from the Gateway under the User Feedback tab. We recommend that you regularly review messages until you are sure that the full claim has been made. The status will be one of the following:

Government Gateway Submission Status

Indication of the current status that will be one of the following:

Indicates that an item exists in the system but has not been "sent" by the user. Typically an item is generated at the request of the user. Once it has been generated the user will need to review and possibly add to the automatically generated details of the submission. In all cases the user will at least need to add their authentication credentials as provided by the Government Gateway before they can successfully submit to the Gateway.
Indicates that an item has successfully passed local validation in the system and is now in a queue waiting to be sent to the Government Gateway. Queued items are normally processed each odd hour on the hour e.g. 11:00, 13:00 etc
Indicates that an item has been recalled from the Gateway queue. An item can be recalled from the queue at any time before it has been sent to the Government Gateway. It is also possible to recall an item if it has failed remote validation and a change is required before resubmission. e.g. incorrect Gateway password.
Indicates that an item has been sent to the Government Gateway and the system is currently polling the Gateway at each even hour on the hour (12:00, 14:00 etc) to check the status of the submission.
Failed - Local Validation:
Indicates an item has failed local validation. The system uses its best endeavours to validate data before trying to send it to the Government Gateway. An item with this status will need to be changed before it can be successfully queued for the Gateway.
Failed - Remote Validation:
Indicates that an item has failed validation in the Government Gateway system. An item in this state can be deleted or recalled for any necessary changes to be made prior to resubmission.
 Indicates that the Government Gateway has acknowledged an item as a successful submission.
Failed - Max Tries:
Indicates that the system has given up trying to send an item to the Government Gateway. If you have an item at this status you should contact Liberty Accounts support.

Recording the receipt from HMRC

The action taken to record the claim receipt from HMRC will depend on whether you are reporting under Income & Expenditure (Accrual) (where a journal has been created when you raised the claim) or Receipts & Payments where no journal is generated by the system (as you only account for income when it is actually received).

Income & Expenditure (Accrual) Whether through the bank import or manual entry use Add Receipt. The receipt is record against the system 3rd party HMRC Tax Authority to the Gift Aid Pending account.

Receipts & Payments Whether through the bank import or manual entry use Add Receipt. The receipt is record against the system 3rd party HMRC Tax Authority to the income account Gift Aid Claimed and split between the funds as detailed on the Gift Aid Claim report.

If the receipt from HMRC does not exactly match

As Receipts & Payment users are recording directly to the income account Gift Aid Claimed this does NOT apply to them but Income & Expenditure (Accrual) users may have a situation where the received amount does not equal the value held in the asset account Gift Aid Pending that was created when you raised the claim.

There are different courses of action that can be taken where the receipt differs:

The value remaining in your Gift Aid Pending (liability) account should only be the value of the claim(s) currently lodged with HMRC that have not yet been paid by HMRC.

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