Donations and Gift Aid Configuration

This screen is used to configure items in preparation for receiving donations as well as preparing a Gift Aid claim

Clicking SUBMIT button stores the Configuration information.

HMRC Charity Reference

Enter the HMRC Charity Reference Number, this reference number will be required to process a Gift Aid claim.

If the charity has not got a HMRC reference number use the following link to start the process. Get recognition from HMRC for your charity

Default Donation Income Account

In order to make sure the processing of donations is as quick and efficient as possible select a default donation income account from the drop-down. Note the default may be amended when a donation is recorded.

Default Donation Fee Account

Where donations are collected on the organisations behalf by a third party there will often be a fee when passing on that donation. Select a default fee account from the drop-down to charge the fee to.

Note when the donation and fee are entered the system will compute the difference (Donation less Fee) as the amount deposited to the organisation.

The accounting treatment is as follows (based on a £50 donation with £1 fee):

The Gift Aid claim will include the gross donation i.e. £50.

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) tab

Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS) Eligible

If the charity is or will be claiming under the GASDS scheme tick the box. The system will create to special donor records .GASDS and .NON-GASDS.

Note - donations from unnamed donors that qualify for GASDS should be recorded against the '.GASDS' donor record. Small cash donations that are not to be included in a GASDS claim recorded to the donor '.NON-GASDS'. This may be where the cash amount from an individual donor exceeds the current threshold amount.

The value of small donations in any tax year is capped at the prevailing rate or a multiple of the value of donations on which Gift Aid has been successfully claimed in the tax year.

If two or more charities are connected the capped figure is divided by the number of connected charities. Use this tab to enter the details of any connected charities. These details are required to process a GASDS claim.

Please seek advice from a professional advisor for the rules on what constitutes a connected charity.

GASDS Community Buildings Election

Tick the box if the charity will be claiming GASDS from community buildings

Once ticked and Submitted an additional sub-menu item will display under the Donors menu to facilitate the entry of details for each community building that collections will take place in and to edit those details if required.

Donors - GASDS Buildings

Rules also exist for small donations that are collected in community buildings, in essence each community building has a cap so two community buildings means a cap of of twice the cap value of one. Again please seek advice from a professional advisor for clarification.

Note a charity claims a GASDS top up or Community Buildings top up but not both.

Please seek advice from a professional advisor for clarification.

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