VAT100 Submissions List

This screen lists all your VAT100 submissions with an indication of their status.

When a VAT100 is accepted by a user for a business with VAT online filing enabled in the business profile, the return is filed via HMRC's Making Tax Digital gateway.

Government Gateway Submission Status

Indication of the current status of this item which will be one of the following:


Indicates that an item exists in Liberty Accounts but has not been "sent" by the user. Typically an item is generated by Liberty Accounts at the request of the user. Once it has been generated the user will need to review and possibly add to the automatically generated details of the submission. In all cases the user will at least need to add their authentication credentials as provided by the Government Gateway before they can successfully submit to the Gateway.


Indicates that an item has successfully passed local validation in Liberty Accounts and is now in a queue waiting to be sent to the Government Gateway. Queued items are normally processed during the night, starting shortly after midnight.


Indicates that an item has been recalled from the Liberty Accounts Gateway queue. An item can be recalled from the queue at any time before it has been sent by Liberty Accounts the the Government Gateway. It is also possible to recall an item if it has failed remote validation and a change is required before resubmission. e.g. incorrect Gateway password.


Indicates that an item has been sent to the Government Gateway and Liberty Accounts is currently polling the Gateway at regular intervals to check the status of the submission.

Failed - Local Validation: 

Indicates that an item has not passed validation within Liberty Accounts. Liberty Accounts uses its best endeavours to validate data before trying to send it to the Government Gateway. An item with this status will need to be changed before it can be successfully queued for the Gateway.

Failed - Remote Validation: 

Indicates that an item has not passed validation in the Government Gateway systems. An item in this state can be deleted or recalled for any necessary changes to be made prior to resubmission.


Indicates that an item has been acknowledged as a successful submission by the Government Gateway.

Failed - Max Tries: 

Indicates that given up trying to send an item to the Government Gateway. If you have an item at this status you should contact Liberty Accounts support.


The user who placed the item in the Liberty Accounts queue for sending to the Government gateway Gateway.

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