Journals List

This screen provides a list of any journal entries between the given dates.

A new journal may be added by clicking on the red + symbol and then the Jnl icon.

From the Action Menu the Open action will allow you to view/modify a journal. The Delete action will allow journal deletion.

Transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return are displayed with a crown icon. You are not able to update transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return.

Transactions that have been reconciled are displayed with a shield and tick icon.

Payroll Journals

Where the integrated payroll module is being used; journals are posted with the appropriate accounting entries automatically when any particular payroll is finalised (Filed to HMRC or Closed if the FPS has been suppressed). For all payroll years up to 5th April 2022 the journal is an aggregate for all employees. From 6th April 2022 a journal for each employee is posted.