Parish Finance Returns

Every year Church Treasurers' must complete the Return of Parish Finance by 30 April, using information that will have been compiled for the annual parish accounts and liaising where appropriate with a Planned Giving/Gift Aid Secretary to complete the boxes relating to the numbers of regular planned givers. The system provides for the return to be printed and sent or used to populate Diocesan online input.

This screen lists all previous returns. Click VIEW to see the original screen or PDF to print a report

Click ADD to launch a new return.

A screen is presented for the user to configure the new return.

Select the accounting basis either Accruals or Receipts & Payment. Choose to prepare the return for the last calendar year or the current year to date Click OK to open a dialogue screen.

The system pre-populates with system data for the required year and is in the style and form of the original. Boxes also exist to accept input of supplementary information to fully complete the form.

The form can be printed to be sent or used to populate Diocesan online input.

Source of Information

Each income and expense account is cross-referenced to a section on the parish finance return.

For other sections of the return the user inputs directly via the screen dialogue.