Payroll Analysis Report

This screen allows the production of a payroll analysis report within the selected date range.

Available as a PDF as well exportable as a XLS or CSV file, the report details payroll run data for each employee for each payroll run filtered by Branch or Fund.

The employees name as used in payroll processing
Emp Ref
The employee payroll reference number
Date Paid
The date of each payroll pay date
Gross Pay
Gross Pay subject to PAYE tax, consistent with Pay shown on the P11 form
Other pay
Statutory payments, SSP,SMP,SAP,ShPP
E'ee NIC
Employee national insurance charge for the pay period
Employee PAYE tax for the pay period
Student Loan
Student loan deduction for the pay period
Other Ded
Other deductions for the pay period
Net pay
Employee net pay for the pay period
E'er NIC
Employer national insurance charge for the pay period
E'er Pension
Employer pension contribution for the pay period