Import Expense Items

When an expense or mileage claim is entered an option is available to have the payment made via a payroll run. This page is used to manage those Expense and Mileage claim payments.

Selection Criteria

When a Payroll run has been set, clicking on IMPORT EXPENSES button opens up this list of pending (to be paid through the payroll but not yet paid) expense and mileage claims.

Date Range

Confirm the date range for the import


The default selection is all employees, but a particular employee may be selected.


The status of any expenses or mileage claim can be viewed by using the Status selection.

Pending items
Within the date window, lists those expenses items for which no action has yet been taken
Items added to payroll
Within the date window, displays a list of those items that have been added to payroll runs but not yet processed.
Hidden items
Within the date window, lists expense items that have the status set to hidden
All paid items
Within the date window, lists all those items that have been paid via a payroll
All unpaid items
Within the date window, lists all those items that have not been paid via a payroll, in other words remain to be paid via payroll

Note an item with a status set to hidden means that it is not being presented as pending in the list, but it potentially remains in an un-reimbursed condition. The user is responsible for dealing with it.

Add to Pay

Tick Add to Pay box adjacent to those claims to paid through this payroll run.

Click SUBMIT to confirm the import and then click on PAYRUNS to return to the Payroll Run Settings screen.

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