Pay HMRC Payroll Liability

The page presents the breakdown of the monies due to HMRC as held in your HRMC liability accounts and enables you to record a single payment to HMRC for that debt that will clear each of those individual accounts.

Liberty Accounts standard nominal account structure has a group of accounts for Payroll liabilities. Within that group is a sub-group, under the HMRC heading, for liabilities due to HMRC. These include:

When payrolls are run the individual HMRC liability accounts (as well as Employee Wages & Salaries and Pensions Owed to the Pension Provider) are updated. The 'Payroll Liability Payment' tool allows you to generate a single HMRC payment that will update each of the individual HMRC sub-accounts.

Select the bank account that the payment is to be recorded in and the date you want the payment to be recorded. A reference can be added.

You are presented with the balances held in the sub-accounts under the HMRC liability account. To generate a single payment record click SUBMIT again and your payment record is created. The system will take you to the liability account listing where you can see the cleared accounts.