EYU - Earlier Year Update submission

An EYU is launched from this page.

As correcting payroll filing errors from a prior year is important the user is recommended to read Payroll - EYU (Earlier Year Update), correction of errors

Sender Classification

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Test Submission

If the filing is to be a test, click Test Submission

Using an EYU

If you discover a payroll reporting error on or after 20 April in the following tax year, you should submit an EYU. You can submit an EYU to correct FPS information for up to six years after you filed your original FPS. You can only use an EYU for the tax years where you operated PAYE in real time.


EYU should only record the difference between what you had originally submitted on the final FPS and what the figure should be.

Payment Details Tab is used to amend payment and tax details. The NI tabs are used to correct national insurance errors.