Customer Deposits Held Report

The report brings forward the balance for each customer of the amounts held as Income in Advance (Sales Deposits). Generate a pdf report for printing or an XLS/CSV export file of all outstanding amounts at the date selected.

As At Date

Enter or select a date for which you want to run the report. This will normally be run as a 'current date' report, but it can also report on the state of sales deposits at a point in history.

Enter the dates manually (e.g 19/12/2018) or click on the calendar icon to select date from calendar.

When entering dates manually, a date guessing routine speeds up the input by taking the user input and assuming the missing month and or year based on the current date as the user leaves the field i.e. the date today is 30th October 2018

Click the LAST YEAR END button to quickly set the relevant date.

Create Export File

You can choose to generate an XLS (EXCEL) or a plain text file (CSV) for download to the local machine for offline analysis or reporting as required.

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