Stock Items List

This screen is used to display a list of stock items and their current physical quantities. If the reorder level is set, then any stock items with an Available quantity below the reorder level is highlighted.

The list can be filtered by Stock Type and/or ordered by Reorder level Priority.

Click EDIT to view/modify details relating to a stock item. Click on ADD to add a stock item.

Click on DELETE to delete a stock item. This is only available if no stock balances exist.

Click on VIEW BOM to view a Bill of Material

Click on ADD BOM to build a Bill of Material

Stock Item / Stock Item Code Search

Enter the name or code of the stock item as required.

A user can search by entering as much as is known and clicking on GO.

If you enter multi-word searches the spaces are interpreted as wildcards:

"hot sauce" will find anything containing both words in the same order i.e. "Hot Sauce" and "Hot Chilli Sauce" but not "Chilli Sauce & Hot Spices".

If you want to search on a multi-word string and only want exact matches then replace the space with and underscore

"hot_sauce" will only return items such as "Hot Sauce" and "Spongecake with Hot Sauce".

Sort By Reorder Priority

Check and click Go to sort the Stock Item list by reorder priority, in essence, the potentially most critical in supply terms.

Reorder priority is based upon the difference between Available stock and the Reorder level as a percentage of the Reorder level; ordered by largest negative followed by smallest percentage.

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