Stock Unit of Measure

This screen is used to create and maintain details of Units of Measure for stock items. Enter all the UoM that are required. A UoM must exist to allow a stock item to be created. For more information on the working with the stock module see Stock - Setting up Stock Items

Stock UoM

Enter a unit of measure which will be used by a stock item as the stock keeping unit. Examples may be:

ADD ITEM button accesses the line item input. Enter the stock unit of measure and if required a code.

SAVE ITEM button saves that line item in the screen. Clicking ADD ITEM button on each occasion allows user to enter further Line items. UNDO ITEM cancels the current line item data. Click SUBMIT to confirm and store.

Whole Units Only

Tick this box only if physical stock movements are to be stored as whole units. Detailed calculations are performed at full accuracy and final quantities are rounded upwards to nearest whole units.