Stock Variance Report

This report is used to report variances between system stock and stock count quantities. The report summarises the variances recorded between selected dates.

Date Range

You can specify a date range for the transaction. Dates can either be entered manually or selected from the pop-up calendar. Dates must be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY, for example, 01/01/2018.

When entering dates manually, a date guessing routine speeds up the input by taking the user input and assuming the missing month and or year based on the current date as the user leaves the field i.e. the date today is 30th October 2018

Unit Cost Update

Accessed from the Manage Stock menu the unit cost update screen screen is used to batch enter the results of a physical stock count. The screen can be filtered by stock type and mirrors a hard copy report that can be printed to assist the count process.

Stock - Manage Stock - Stock Count

The counted physical stock figures are entered in the Revised Stock column. Click SUBMIT to record the new stock. Postings are made to the appropriate Stock Account and the Stock Value Adjustment Account in profit and loss. The accounting transactions for a stock count change use the quantity change and the current unit cost and are as follows: