This screen displays a list of any takings related transactions that have been recorded between the given dates. The list can also be filtered.

If the organisation is registered for VAT then both the VAT Breakdown and the subsequent Takings analysis are shown. For a Non VAT organisation there is only the Takings analysis.

The Action Box, depending on the status of the transaction, allows a user to:


Opens the transaction to view and/or edit it


Delete the transaction

For VAT registered businesses were takings are entered in a two stage process, first through the VAT Breakdown screen to create the VAT accounting entries, and then through the Takings screen. Because the second stage entry is linked to the VAT Breakdown entry, successful completion of the second entry will lock the relevant VAT Breakdown entry.

Click the red + symbol to open a new VAT Breakdown screen (VAT) or Takings screen (Tak)

Transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return are displayed with a crown icon. You are not able to update transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return.

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