VAT EC Sales List Report

If you are UK VAT registered trader that supplies goods, or a trader that supplies services that would accounted for by a registered trader in another EU member state using the reverse charge mechanism, then a quarterly or monthly EC sales list (VAT101) return is required by HMRC. The EC sales list created by the system will only include those invoices in which the supply of a sales item identified as a product or service has taken place to a customer for which the system holds a user validated VAT number.

A user can indicate that they have validated an EU Trader VAT number by ticking the VAT Number Validated box on the customer maintenance screen for the appropriate customer via the Sales menu.

When the list is generated for the next quarter (or if optionally selected the next month) the user may update details if appropriate.

Users who have elected to use online VAT filing may have to deal with items that are rejected by HMRC after submission (typically invalid vat numbers). If more than 30% of items have an error the submission will be rejected by HMRC and the user must correct any errors and resubmit the return. If less than 30% of items have an error HMRC will accept the submission and return the errors for correction and resubmission.

You are strongly advised to seek appropriate professional advice if you are unsure of anything to do with VAT and trading with European Union Member States.

Transaction Indicator

Select the appropriate transaction indicator for each EC Sales List return line.

"Business to Business Goods" is the default as this covers the typical sales. You may need to select "Triangulated Goods" in certain circumstances. If you are unsure please seek professional advice.

Exclude Item

Check this box if you do not want an item to be in the EC Sales List return.

Click GENERATE to produce the report.

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