Works Orders List

This screen lists current works orders with their status. From this screen a works order may be edited and made.

The list can be filtered by status; Open, Closed or All within the date window. The list may also be ordered by works order number or due date.

The Works Order Number is allocated by the system when a works order is added. It is the next unique sequential number and cannot be edited.

Action Box

Once a payment has been created and stored, a user Opening the transaction will see , just below the header area, an vertical-nav-24-compact-grey action box symbol. This provides quick access to: -

to view/modify details relating to the purchase order
to process (make) a works order
to reverse a works order making
to remove the transaction If not yet reconciled or allocated.

An open works order may be edited by clicking EDIT.

Once a works order has been created the make process is initiated by clicking MAKE. The system will post the changes to physical and standard cost values to the consumed and made stock items. If the process needs to be reversed, click REVERSE; the status of all relevant stock items is returned to the previous state.

Click on ADD to enter a new works order.