Managing the Organisations Vehicles

The system provides a feature to allow organisation owned vehicles to be easily managed from a reporting, accounting and P11D point of view.

For each income tax year the system is updated with the relevant parameters as set by HMRC.

The process summary is as follows:

  1. Ensure details of the employee are setup
  2. Set up details of all owned vehicles which are likely to be used by employees
  3. Allocate vehicles to the employees using them

Setting up details of an owned vehicle

It will be necessary to have to hand details of the vehicle (usually available from the registration documentation) as well as the official list prices. Go to the Expenses menu to enter the details of the vehicle.

Expenses - Assets and Vehicles - Add Vehicle

If the Assets and Vehicles menu items are not visible then switch them on from the Organisation Profile and the Optional Features Tab

Control - Organisation Profile - Optional Features

Tick the Vehicle and Vehicle Allocation Register box.

From Add Vehicle the vehicle maintenance screen is displayed. Enter the vehicle details. Note the vehicle can be a car, van or motorcycle. Most of the information will be available from the registration documentation.

Allocating vehicles to the employees using them

If a vehicle is being used by an employee for private use; then a potential tax liability exists. By using the allocation routine a report can be produced and the system will compute any tax and national insurance liability if Personnel P11D Expense and Benefit Tracking is set.

The vehicle allocation screen is accessed via the Payroll Menu.

HMRC - Vehicle Allocations

The vehicle allocation maintenance screen is displayed, select the relevant Employee from the drop down list. Likewise select the Vehicle from the drop down. From and To dates define the period of availability.

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