Setting up a Customer

In order for the income recording to be as easy and simple as possible a few minutes spent setting up customer and sales item details in advance is well spent.

Details of Customers need to be set up before sales order processing and/or sales Invoice transactions are entered in Liberty Accounts. There are facilities to define a bill-to address (to which the sales invoice is usually sent) for a customer and, if required, attach multiple ship-to addresses (where goods or services are delivered to).

An invoicing currency may be set. When an invoice is created it is denominated in the currency specified.

A user can select a ship-to address to be shown on a sales invoice or credit note at the time it is created.

Setting up a new Customer

Details of new Customers can be set up via three routes.

Sales - Customers - Add
Control - Opening Balances - Customers - ADD

or at the time of the creation of an sales invoice, credit note or customer quote by clicking the + button to create a customer and complete the details in the Add Customer dialogue.

The user is advised to avoid duplicating customers as that may create confusion and poorer credit control.

The process of adding a new customer, in addition to billing and ship-to addresses allows for entering credit control and commercial information. Sales documents , Invoices, Credit Notes and Statements may be emailed to customers; the nature of the delivery of the document either as a link to the document or as an attachment may be set.

See Customer Details for more detailed guidance on entering customer details.

Note Customer details may also be uploaded from a csv type file. Follow the link Customer Uploads for more information.