Review Transactions

The facility exists to review, amend and mark as approved/reviewed transactions. This is particularly useful when an advisor is assisting in completing financial reports or if significant analysis is being performed, such as IR35, Branches or P11D. The facility allows for the amendment of analysis items even when the actual transaction is closed due to it being VAT or bank reconciled, when usually it is View only.

NOTE: This is a powerful tool: It is the users responsibility to ensure that any changes made are reasonable and in-line with bookkeeping and accounting practice.

This addresses the following:

  1. Review/Analyse Transactions Screen
  2. Changing Customer or Supplier on an Invoice or Bill

Review/Analyse Transactions Screen

The function is available via the Control menu.

Control - Review Transactions

A screen is presented that allows a date range and document type selection.

To include all items that have been previously flagged as reviewed (approved) tick the Show Reviewed Items box.

To include only those transactions that may be subject to a P11D return, click the P11D Relevant Items Only box. The system will display expense transactions that have been posted to accounts that have a P11D section indicator set. If you are unsure as to the relevance of P11D please consult your advisor.

The Document Type dropdown displays all relevant document types when the selections are complete. Click on to produce the listing: -

Each transaction in the selection criteria is displayed with all the analysis that was entered when it was created or previously edited. A number of options are available.

On the left hand side the button flags the transaction as reviewed or approved by the current user. On clicking this button the transaction fades from the list.

Note all reviewed/approved transactions can subsequently be re-displayed by ticking the Display Reviewed Items box. The user name approving the transaction is displayed.

On the right hand side of each transaction clicking EDIT or VIEW ,depending on the status of the transaction, will display the full transaction screen.

The ANALYSE button allows any analysis attached to the transaction to be added or amended no matter whether it is closed or not. The values of the transaction cannot be changed, only the analysis.

If the transaction can be edited then values can be changed in the edit screen. If the transaction is view only then because changing values will impact a bank or VAT reconciliation it will be necessary to make an accounting entry to make a value change. When the ANALYSE button is clicked the analysis items of the transaction is displayed.

Each of the analysis items has a drop down box allowing the user to add or amend an analysis item. If appropriate, an account may be amended; the transaction sign and the amount cannot be changed. When all changes have been made, click SAVE button to record the changes and mark the transaction as approved by the current user; the transaction fades from the list. CLOSE leaves the screen without storing any changes.

Note that if another user subsequently amends the analysis of a transaction and clicks the SAVE button, then that user is flagged as having approved/reviewed

Changing Customer or Supplier on an Invoice or Bill

It is possible to modify the customer on an sales invoice or credit note as well as the supplier on a bill or supplier credit note.

If the document has already been allocated to a payment or receipt, and is therefore in a locked state, the customer or supplier may still be changed. Two Changes need to be made, firstly amend the Counterparty and secondly amend the Account to the relevant customer or supplier account. Click SAVE button to record the change.

Allocated items, receipts, payments or applied credit notes, associated with the document are de-allocated. The user will need to deal with these items by either moving them to the new customer or supplier or be re-applying them to other documents. Re-application is done via the usual pay bills and receive payment screens.