Batch Jobs

The system will automatically run routines to roll over to the new accounting period, calculate depreciation and lease cost and post these accounting entries to the relevant accounts. Setting the Charge Schedule to either month end or year-end in the organisation profile activates these routines. These routines however may be selected and run as user driven batch jobs at dates convenient for the user.

Specific batch jobs that will need to instigated by the user to close a financial period or revalue/impair asset values are available.

NOTE: In order to avoid the risk of introducing errors into the accounts the implications for running a particular user batch job need to be fully understood. We strongly recommend that you consult with your advisor if you are in the slightest doubt.

Additionally certain functions, when completed, are shown in the batch run history to allow the user to reverse them if necessary.

Control - Batch Jobs

A fly-out menu then offers the following: -