GASDS Buildings

The details of Buildings in which GASDS collections have been made are entered and maintained.

The details of the buldings are included in any GASDS claim submitted to HMRC.

GASDS has been available from 6th April 2013. It allows a charity to claim Gift Aid on small cash donations without having to hold Gift Aid Declarations. The total value of small donations is capped. (See below). GASDS may be claimed provided: -

The value of small donations in any tax year is capped at the lower of £8,000 (£5,000 up to 5th April 2016) or 10 times the value of donations on which Gift Aid has been successfully claimed in the tax year.

If two or more charities are connected the £8,000 figure is divided by the number of connected charities. Please seek advice from a professional advisor for the rules on what constitutes a connected charity.

Rules also exist for small donations that are collected in community buildings, in essence each community building has a cap of £8,000 so two community buildings means a cap of £16,000. Again please seek advice from a professional advisor for clarification.

Note a charity claims a GASDS top up or Community Buildings top up but not both.

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