Donor List

This screen is used to display a list of donors and their status.

The selection criteria box may be used to locate a particular donor.

For the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) a special system Donor is used. Allocate any small cash donations that are to be included to the donor '.GASDS'

Small cash donations that are not to be included in a GASDS claim to the donor '.NON-GASDS'. This may be where the cash amount from an individual donor exceeds £20.00

Click EDIT to view/modify details relating to a donor.

Click on the ADD button to add a donor. The add donor screen is presented to add the details of the new donor.

Note the new donor details maybe added by uploading a csv format file, this is convenient for adding a large number of donors from say another system. See more information on this from Donor Upload Process

Donors - Donor Upload

A listing of all Donors as a report, either as hardcopy or a file is available.

Donors - Print Donor Listing

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