Not For Profit - Employee Details/Posts Held Screen

This screen is used to add and maintain details relating to office holders and employees.

To successfully run a payroll for an employee some base information must exist. In summary this information is:

New Starters under RTI (Real Time Information)

Under RTI filing significant employee information is required to be submitted to HMRC. It is recommended that the following information be entered for new starters as accurately as possible. Where a new employee does not have a P45 then the starting tax code that the employer can use is based upon answers given to the Starter Declaration in the Employment Details tab (see below) of the Employee Details. Follow the link to the HMRC site for guidance.

Display Name

Enter the title, first, middle and last name information of the employee or officer. The display name is constructed as the information is entered.


For payroll purposes the employee gender is required and will be reported on RTI filings.

Passport Number

If the employee passport has been inspected as part of checking the right to work in the UK, then the Passport Number must be entered

Date of Birth

For payroll purposes a date of birth is required and will be reported on RTI filings. The correct age appropriate NI category will be will be applied when the Date of Birth has been verified. Note a warning will be displayed before a payroll is run if a Date of Birth has not been verified when an age related adjustment may be necessary.

HMRC Notification

If the payroll is being used and there has been a previous FPS for this employee in this entity (say from another payroll system) select HMRC Previously Notified. However if it will be the first time the employee will be reported on a FPS return for this entity then tick HMRC Notification Required. Supplementary employee starter declarations will appear. Select the one that applies.

Note you are strongly advised to ensure the declaration is accurate by consulting your employee.

Employment Started

Enter the date the employment started.

Employment Ended

This field displays the date the employment ended, or if reinstatement was used the user name and date of that reinstatement. Note this date may not be entered or edited, it is informational only. The details of an employee leaving are dealt with when their last payroll is run and the date picked up from that process.

Reinstate Employee Button

Where an employee has been processed as a leaver this button will be visible. Click on REINSTATE EMPLOYEE to activate reinstatement, read and dismiss the warning message to complete the process. Offices held are also reinstated.

Where branch and/or activity analysis is implemented , the payroll costs for the employee can be allocated as appropriate by selecting from the drop-down boxes.


Tick this box if this person has been appointed as a trustee.

Date Appointed Trustee

Enter the date the person has been appointed a trustee of the organisation. This can be done manually (e.g 19/12/2015) or click on calendar icon to select date from the calendar.

Email Address

Enter a valid email address associated with this employee.

This address will be used if payslips or P60 End of Year Certificates are sent by email from within the system.

For cases when documents are emailed to this employee, select the method by which the recipient retrieves the document. Either as an attachment to the email or as a link to the document.


Enter home address of the employee.

Auto Enrolment Details

The tab displays some pension auto-enrolment details for the employee. It is recommended that appropriate professional advice is taken in dealing with AE matters.

Last Assessment
The date of the last assessment for AE purposes. Taken from payroll run records.
Last Assessed Status
The status of the employee at the date of the last assessment. The status can be:
  • Auto Enrol - The employee must be enrolled in a complaint pension scheme
  • Opt-in Candidate - The employee has a right to opt-in to a pension scheme
  • Entitled - The employee has a right to join a pension scheme
Date Opted Out
A user managed field to record the date an Auto Enrol employee has opted out of a scheme.This date is used to prompt for re-auto-enrolment.
Statutory Retirement Date
A system determined date computed from Government data using the date of birth and gender.
Working/Ordinarily Working in UK Indicator
The default is ticked (yes) and confirms that the employee is subject to the AE environment by virtue of being UK employee. Un-ticking the box means the employee is eliminated from any assessment.

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