Memorised Transaction Maintenance

This screen allows you to maintain memorised transactions.


A memorised transaction can be used as a template for a new transaction (see 'USE' below). Alternatively you can schedule memorised transactions to repeat at regular intervals.

The following transactions can be memorised:

Note that when memorising a cheque or debit card payment it is possible to redefine the transaction type as a standing order or a direct debit.

Transaction Name

Enter a description for the memorised transaction. Note to overwrite the details of an existing memorised transaction with the new details simply give the same name and when submitted the details of the older one will be replaced.

Relates To

The field confirms the external entity (Customer, Supplier, Employee or Company Member) relevant to this memorised transaction.


Enter any reference to be associated with the transaction.

Auto Schedule

You can automatically schedule the memorised transaction to be created by Liberty Accounts in your accounts on the anniversary date starting with the 'Next date'


If the memorised transaction is to be automatically scheduled, specify the frequency that the transaction should occur.

Next Date

You can specify the next date for the memorised transaction.

If the date entered is in history an overnight batch run will post transactions up to todays date or until the No Remaining is exhausted.

The date can either be entered manually or selected from the pop-up calendar by clicking the Calendar icon. The next date must be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY, for example, 01/01/2016.

When the next date is recalculated it will always result in the last day of the target month if the current date is the last day of the month or the target month has less days.

Number Remaining

For auto-scheduled transactions specify the number of times (1 or more) the memorised transaction is required to be posted. After each scheduled posting the number will decrease by one until it is zero and no more postings will be made.

If the number of postings to be made is not known simply enter a sufficiently large number to ensure the postings are continued until you next plan to review your memorised transactions e.g. 9999 will ensure weekly postings continue for 192 years.

In Advance

You can specify the number of days in advance of the 'Next Date' the memorised transaction needs to appear in your accounts.

Number remaining has expired

In the situation where the number remaining has expired (and postings have therefore stopped) but the user wishes to retain the memorised transaction and have the system catch-up simply enter a new No. Remaining and SUBMIT. In an overnight batch run those transactions will be posted.

Editing Existing Memorised Transactions

Line item amounts and VAT codes can be updated for existing memorised transactions. If you want to change any other elements of the transaction such as accounts or analysis to funds/branches and activities you will need to memorise and existing transaction constructed as required.

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