P11D Employee/Director Preparation List

This screen lists all employees and directors. The list shows the status of the preparation of each individual P11D.

To compute a particular P11D click on PREPARE EMPLOYEE P11D from the Action Menu, a second screen of constants is presented that are specific to a particular employees circumstance.

Amend the Number of Weeks Qualifying for Childcare Allowance in PAYE year if for the particular employee/director it is less than a full year. The Weekly Childcare Voucher Qualifying amount of £55.00/week is for basic rate earners. For higher rate and additional rate earners the limits are reduced to £28.00 and £25.00 per week respectively. The user is strongly advised to confirm these lower rates themselves or with their advisor and change the field value accordingly.

If this employee/director has used some of the Reduced Mileage Rate Threshold in another employment amend the figure to what is left in this employment.

Initially the method of calculating the cash equivalent interest benefit will be the Average Balance method, if there is an election or an officer from HMRC has selected the Exact Daily Balance method click that instead.

If there have been more than one qualifying relocation for the particular employee/director in the tax year change the Number of Relocations Qualifying for allowance to the appropriate number. For each qualifying relocation a tax-free amount is available, however for multiple moves it may be that not all the allowance on one move is used but any balance is not available to reduce any liability on another relocation. Under these circumstances an adjustment will need to be entered in the Amount of tax-free allowance for use box. For example; relocation 1 had expenditure of £16,000 if the tax-free amount is £8,000 the liability is £8,000. In relocation 2 the expenditure is £5,000 so there is no liability, but the balance of the tax-free amount of £3,000 will be the adjustment when the number of relocations is set to 2. The net liability over the two being £8,000.

To move on, confirm that use of the constants as presented and/or amended by ticking the acceptance declaration and SUBMIT. The system computes the P11D return and presents the figures on screen for inspection.

Once prepared; a Print icon is available and on the Action Menu REVIEW and CLEAR actions are then displayed.

If changes in the underlying information of a return are required, then CLEAR the return, make the changes and re-prepare.

To print all P11D return as a batch. tick the All box. Un-tick any individual return not needed to be printed and click on Bulk Print.

336 Claim

Clicking on REVIEW SECTION 336 CLAIM from the Action Menu allows a user to amend the system figures as appropriate prior to printing. Note that the Government gateway does not currently allow 336 Claims to be filed online. They will need to be submitted as hard copies to HMRC. To store any changes click SUBMIT.

Note you are strongly advised to seek advice from your advisor if anything is unclear or uncertain

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