Member Share Balance Report

The Member Share Balance report generates a report of company members (Shareholders) and their allocated share balance. The report can be generated for a specific share type or all share types and a specific company member (Shareholder) or all company members (Shareholders).

Share Type

The share type list contains all share types associated with the company.

Company Member

The company member list contains all company members (shareholders)associated with the company.

Save a report

Reports can be saved locally to your computer, or within the Liberty Accounts database.

If you are viewing a report in Adobe Acrobat you can save it by clicking on the save icon within the Adobe Acrobat reader application.

If you want to save the report within the Liberty Accounts database after the report has been generated and the pdf closed simply give the report a meaningful name by editing the suggested report name then click the SAVE button. Reports saved within Liberty Accounts can be viewed at a later.

Reports - Saved Reports

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