Shares & Dividends

For limited liability companies dividends can be declared, dividend payments evaluated and tax vouchers prepared and printed from within the system. Details of share types, shares authorised and shares in issue together with company members (shareholders) are maintained to provide the base information for dealing with a dividend declaration. The process in summary is: -

The items above are usually only infrequently updated. The items below apply to any declaration.

Control - Shares & Dividends

A fly-out menu then offers the following: -

Dividend Declaration
Allows the declaration, approval and posting of dividends
Tax Year Dividends
Lists dividend tax vouchers and provides for their printing or email to shareholders
Share Types
Share types can be set up and managed
Authorise Shares
Shares are authorised on this screen
Issue Shares
Shares are issued to shareholders on this screen
Transfer Shares
Management of the transfer of shares between shareholders
Cancel Shares
Use the screen to record cancelling shares
Member Shareholdings
Presents a summary screen of all share holdings and movements
Company Members
Lists details of company members and allows for amending of details
Add Company Member
Screen to add a company member (Shareholder)
Print Member Listing
Prints a report of company members