Memorised Transaction List

This screen provides a list of 'memorised transactions". Use the Action Box to Open, Use or Delete the Memorised Transaction.

A memorised transaction can be used as a template for a new transaction (see 'USE' below). Alternatively you can schedule memorised transactions to automatically repeat at regular intervals determined by you.

The following transactions can be memorised:

To create a memorised transaction you should open an existing transaction via an EDIT button, select the 'MEMORISE' tab and then click the MEMORISE button.

Action Box


Clicking on the USE action for a memorised transaction will immediately create and save a new transaction based on the memorised transaction and open the transaction for editing.

Note, If Auto Schedule has been set for the Memorised transaction then the USE action will not be available. If necessary OPEN the transaction to switch the Auto Schedule off and the USE button will be available.

Where the details of the memorised transaction need to be changed, simply create a new transaction, and as before return to it, select the 'Memorise' tab and then click the MEMORISE tab and save with the name of the previous memorised transaction. It will be overwritten with the new details.

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