Payments and Transfers List

This screen provides a list of any payments and bank account transfers within the date range specified. The list may be filtered by Payee, Bank Account or Document Type.

Hovering over each transaction displays more information about it.

Action Box

Once a payment has been created and stored, a user Opening the transaction will see , just below the header area, an vertical-nav-24-compact-grey action box symbol. This provides quick access to: -

to view/modify details relating to the transaction.

to open an analysis screen allowing for quick and easy amendments to posting accounts and allocations. More information is available from this Analyse Screen link.

Add Prepayment Schedule

to set up the details of a schedule. More information is available from this Prepayment Schedules link.


to open a transaction audit report that provides a non-editable history of the transaction and its accounting impact. The report details which user recorded the initial transaction together with the date and time as well as the details of any subsequent amendments.


to unreconcile the transaction if it has previously been bank reconciled. Note use this with care as the transaction will subsequently need to be reconciled if it not deleted.

to remove the transaction If not yet reconciled or allocated.

Where a transaction has been allocated to another transaction, such as a bill payment allocated to a bill, the details can be displayed by clicking network symbol. The allocations may be edited or de-allocated.

Transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return are displayed with a crown symbol. You are not able to update transactions that have been considered for inclusion in a VAT return.

Clicking the red + symbol opens a list of short cuts to adding a new transaction.

Opens a new bank transfer screen
Opens a new bank payment transaction
Opens a Bill Payment transaction
Opens a Bill transaction

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